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Brick & Stone Cleaning is a specialist, yet unregulated, service that can be undertaken by anyone. Therefore, some cleaning methods come with considerable risk.

We're Committed to being Carbon Neutral.

By December 2023 we'll be entirely carbon neutral.

Solaris Exterior Cleaning aims to achieve carbon neutrality by December 2023. The company is taking several steps to reduce its carbon footprint, including the use of HVO fuel, solar panels, and recycled materials. The audit will cover chemicals, vehicles, plant equipment, marketing materials, waste, and merchandise.


“Cleaning of any driveway surface including block paving. They were absolutely fantastic with every little detail in the service that was provided to us and we couldn’t be any happier.”

David Chase - FM

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Spanning 27 years of industry experience within the specialist cleaning field, Our team have worked on some of the most prestigious buildings for some of the most recognisable clients.


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 We'll be Carbon Neutral in   Days 

 We'll be Carbon Neutral in   Days 

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Carol & Andy - 
Abbott Way, Sevenoaks
"The care and attention they placed on our property has been a joy".

Steven Drummond - 
St Margaret's Way, Pluckley 
"My home looks brand new now. Thank you guys for the hard work". 

Stan Smith - 
The Corleys, Maidstone
"Absolutely proper job. Sorted the house right out, looks brand new". 

Steam & Softwash Hybrid

Chemical application kills the below-the-surface organic matter whilst losening and removing surface matter.

Environmentally Friendly Chemicals

Selected chemicals that are environmentally safe and neutralised and diluted with water.

Safe & Professional Access Equipment

Bespoke access options selected per clean for the safety of staff and that of the building being cleaned.

Pressure Washing 

High pressure washing can score and damage the surface of the stone.

Harsh & Damaging Chemicals

Aggressive chemicals remain and require further use of chemicals to neutralise them.

Dangerous Access Methods

The use of unsecured ladders can break health & safety regulations and place you at risk for accident liability.

“Solaris are experts at roof cleaning with over 31 years experience. However, any opportunist roofers, builders, jet washers or window cleaners can claim to clean roofs with little experience and poor equipment. Solaris enjoys healthy competition with equal competitors, but I always recommend my customers to fact-check their quotes to spot cowboys and opportunists.” - Ben Miller, Co-Founder at Solaris.

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Proximity of plants and trees to buildings often necessitates brick cleaning, especially on north-facing walls prone to organic growth. This greenish-dark shade, along with white residue from water overflow, can degrade brick surfaces over time. Particularly detrimental is the Red Cap Hair Moss, found on mortar lines, which erodes and potentially eliminates lime from the mortar. Such organic growth can compromise the brick's integrity.

Similarly, stone surfaces, be it window sills, columns, or pillars, demand meticulous care. Using pressure washers can irreversibly damage them. Given the diverse nature of stones, from cast to real, an informed approach is paramount. Their porous nature means organic matter can be embedded deep within, necessitating gentle yet effective cleaning methodologies.

Our expertise spans both domains. From
DOFF steam cleaning to chemical cleaning, we're equipped to rejuvenate brick and stone surfaces, ensuring longevity and aesthetic appeal.