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 We'll be Carbon Neutral in   Days 

 We'll be Carbon Neutral in   Days 

01622 246 116

Our pledge is simple. 
Here's how we'll do it...

Solaris Exterior Cleaning is committed to becoming carbon neutral by December 2024. The company has evaluated different aspects of its business and is looking for alternative ways to minimize its impact on the environment. The following areas will be included in the audit: chemicals, vehicles, plant equipment, marketing materials, paper usage, uniforms and clothing, waste, and merchandise. 

Chemicals: Solaris is working to refine and improve the chemicals it uses by considering factors such as the environmental impact of the chemicals and the sustainability of their manufacturers. The company will be requiring certificates from its suppliers to ensure their commitment to being carbon neutral. The use of safer chemicals is an ongoing process. 

Vehicles: The company's fleet is a significant factor in its carbon footprint, so it is exploring alternative fuels such as Hydrated Vegetable Oil (HVO) to make its vehicles 93% carbon neutral. Additionally, the company is installing solar panels to capture energy and charge batteries, and it is looking into hybrid or full electric vehicles for its quote vehicles. 

Plant Equipment: Solaris is also considering alternative fuels for its generators and other equipment, and is moving towards using fully electric equipment where possible. 

Marketing Material: Solaris is striving to make its marketing materials paperless and is exploring alternatives such as electronic business cards. The company's promotional materials will be produced on recycled paper or cardboard and the printers will provide certification of their environmental commitment. 

Paper Free: Solaris is trying to move towards a paper-free office environment, and it is currently 95% paper-free. 

Uniforms & Clothing: The company is already using 100% recycled polyester for its company clothing and is looking to expand this to other items such as trousers and footwear. 

Waste: Solaris is exploring ways to manage its waste more sustainably and to reduce its waste collection needs. The company already has a waste carriers license. 

Merchandise: The impact of merchandise on the environment will also be evaluated as part of the audit. for referring friends and family? 

The full carbon neutral policy can be found here

 We'll be Carbon Neutral in   Days